Lyrics: Everyday

I Don’t Believe It

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/BMI/ Centergy Music/ BMI

Verse 1
There’s a boy living down the street
Just as nice as you’d ever meet
And he’s living with a mom and dad that don’t show love at all.
Every night you can find their car
Out front of the local bar
He’s been lost behind the dancing and alcohol.

Verse 2
One night he was all alone
Down the street he began to roam
Till he heard the songs in a store-front mission and went inside.
Later on when they found him there
He was down on his knees in prayer
The mom and dad knelt down beside him and they cried.

You say “God’s not there.”
But I don’t believe it.
When someone says He didn’t hear that prayer.
You can try to debate.
But I won’t believe it.
Say everything you want but I was there.
You think it’ll wear off.
But I don’t believe it.
For Jesus is the greatest thing to happen
In his life.

Verse 3
Now you can say what you will or won’t.
And believe what you do or don’t.
And be tossed about whenever there’s a storm.
But there’s a boy living down the street
Who remembers how it used to be.
And now his family goes to church on Sunday morn’.


It All Works Out

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/BMI/ Centergy Music/ BMI

Verse 1
A bedtime story had her worried
A princess was lost in the woods.
“Daddy, is she lonely? Does she miss her mommy?
I’d give her a hug if I could.”
I tucked her in by the glow of a night-light
And told her everything’s gonna be alright.

It all works out. It’s all okay.
It turns around before the last page.
It seems unfair. It seems unkind.
But by the end it turns out fine.
It all works out.

Verse 2
The church doors open,
They’re just hopin’
They can find someplace to sleep.
A hurricane drove them away
And they’ve had nothing to eat.
Everything they’ve known is gone now
They just need to believe that somehow…

Verse 3
Once in a vision, I saw heaven
Every color and race.
I saw the ones who died too young.
Then suddenly, I saw her face.
She was the one that was taken from me.
The love of my life, and my daughter’s mommy.
One day in heaven, we’ll hear her laughter.
And we’ll live happily ever after

It all works out. It’s all okay.
And we’re gonna meet again some day.
Where life is fair. Where life is kind.
And up in heaven we will find…

It all works out (On some happy day)
I believe, yes I believe
It all works out (On some happy day)
Some day you’re gonna see…
It all works out.

 Remember Who He Is, Remember What He Does

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/BMI/ Centergy Music/ BMI

Do you remember the story of the resurrection day?
They went to the tomb, the stone was rolled away.
I’m sure that the soldier didn’t know what to say.
Everyone could see that He was gone.

“Listen to me Pilate. I’ll tell you what I saw.
I looked into the tomb. He wasn’t there at all.”
But Pilate shook his head and thought the tale was kind of tall.
And this is what the soldier had to say…

Remember who He is.
Remember what He does.
Remember what He said.
Remember where He was.
He can do anything just because…
Remember who He is. Remember what he does.

Maybe all your troubles have put you on the ground.
Maybe you’re believing that they’re gonna keep you down.
But when I read the Bible and the stories that I found
I believe that He can make a way.


Let Jesus In

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/BMI/ Centergy Music/ BMI

Verse 1
The congregation was singing inside.
But I stood alone in the darkness and cried.
I heard them singing like Christians of old.
I wanted to go in but my heart was cold.
They sang..

Let Jesus in. Let Jesus in.
He’ll be your savior. He’ll be your friend.
He’ll wash away all your guilt and your sin.
Just open the door and let Jesus in.

Verse 2
Well I’d carried my burdens for too many miles.
I opened the door and I walked down the aisle.
They knew my intentions by the tears on my face.
I knelt at the old-fashioned altar and prayed.
They sang…
Verse 3
If you walk alone when you’re tested and tried.
If you feel like something is missing inside.
Just open your heart and give Jesus the key.
And I’ll sing you the same song that they sang to me.
They sang…


Let The Angels Take the Fallen

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/BMI/ Centergy Music/ BMI

Through the river. Through the forest.
Eighteen-hundred and sixty-four.
Marched a young man off to battle.
Old enough to join the war.
When the morning mist has settled
Let the generals count the cost.
Let the sergeants write the letters.
To the mothers of the lost.

Let the angels take the fallen.
Take the ones who heard the call.
Take the fathers and the brothers
To the One who died for all.

Verse 2
Cold the wind and loud the engines
Nineteen-hundred and forty-three.
Hear the prayers of the soldier
O’er the skies of Germany.
There’s a farm in West Virginia.
Where the corn is tall and green.
There’s a mother who awakens
From the vision she has seen

Verse 3
There’s a mother and a daughter
Mid-November of ninety-four.
In a cold two-room apartment
Just above the grocery store.
And she soothes her daughters fever
With the lullaby she sings.
One last kiss before the morning
And the sound of angels’ wings.

The skies are gray as people gather.
On a hill just out of town.
In the shadow of three crosses.
A drop of blood falls to the ground.
Let the angels take the fallen.
Take the One who heard the call.
Take the Son back to His Father.
He’s the One who died for all.


I’m Looking For Jesus

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/BMI/ Centergy Music/ BMI

A foolish endeaver undertaken by Wise Men.
Who set out to follow a star.
Dusty and dirty from the length of their journey.
Their search yielded nothing so far.
Onward they traveled up into the night
Stopping and asking at every light…

I’m looking for Jesus.
Where can I find Him?
He’s the reason I’ve traveled so far.
I have been searching for such a long time now.
But I know every mile will be made worthwhile.
If I could see Jesus

Mary went searching that first Easter morning.
Like the leper and the blind man before.
We are all pilgrims on the same journey
Believing that there’s something more.
One by one, when we find ourselves there.
We fall on our knees and we whisper this prayer…

If He would just touch these blinded eyes.
If He could forgive all my past.
If I could just touch the hem of His garment
My search would be over at last…


The Church Homecoming

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/BMI/ Centergy Music/ BMI

There’s no sweeter feeling than a Sunday morning
When the family is gathered in that little country church.
Friends and neighbors sang the songs of Zion
And they played that piano for all it was worth.

They sang “Hallelujah!” at the all-day singing,
And the dinner on the ground
At the church homecoming
In our little country town.

I can smell fried chicken
I can hear the laughter
All us kids were playing
life was simple back then.
I can hear the sound of the congregation singing
How I long to hear those voices again.

I can still recall the preacher preached salvation
And a man went forward that I’d never seen around.
When he knelt at the altar his family was crying
And that church went to pieces when the Lord came down.

And everybody seemed to love everybody
At the church homecoming
In our little country town


 Miracle Rose

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/BMI/ Centergy Music/ BMI

In a garden long ago, there grew a very special rose.
And the color of the rose was crimson red.
It was the prettiest around, until the rose was trampled down.
Then it looked as though the crimson rose was dead.

But by some miracle of grace, it grew again in just three days.
And this time the bloom was whiter than the snow.
And now the beauty that it gives is greater just because it lives.
I’m thankful for that miracle rose.

Miracle Rose planted by the Father’s hand.
Miracle Rose surrounded by the thorns in a lost a dying land.
Yet You rose above the thorns and You weathered through the storm.
Still today Your love and mercy grows.
It grows like the Miracle Rose.

Everybody spends a lifetime searching for the answers.
But it’s plain as day for those who will believe.
And all the money that you can spend will never give you satisfaction.
Yet a simple prayer can put your mind at ease.
So when the world is closing in and you’ve lost your way again.
There’s a garden where the weary like to go.
You can go there as you please each time you fall down on your knees.
You’ll find that Jesus is the Miracle Rose.


Lord Go With Me

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/BMI/ Centergy Music/ BMI

Maybe you don’t know why things have been so hard, lately.
They say “That’s just life..”
But that didn’t help last Tuesday
When they sat you down in the doctors office across town…

Maybe you felt alone when they showed you the x-rays.
Friends are on the phone, asking you, “what did they say?”
And you try not to break down when you tell them what they found.
And even though, you’ve prayed and prayed,
It’s so hard not to be afraid.

This must be that valley that they sing about.
This must be that problem I won’t figure out.
This must be that mountain I can’t climb if I’m alone.
Lord, you must go with me.
I can’t make it on my own.
Please, Lord, go with me.

I guess I believed this could only happen to somebody else.
But now wherever I must go, Lord, I have one request.
Please, go with me.
I need you to go with me.