Lyrics: Faith, Family & Friends

I Know Where I Stand

Mark Bishop/Jerry Kelso/Niles Borop Possum Run Music/ Centergy Music

I know where I stand, I know where I stand.
I’m no longer lost, for at the cross I was saved by The Lamb
I know when I knelt I felt the touch of His nail-scarred hand
I know where I stand, I know where I stand.

Verse 1
The path that I followed was the way the world said to go.
Then the Lord called to me to follow Him down a much different road.
I turned from my sin, He changed me within and my heart was filled
When I found the place on the pathway to grace called Calvary’s Hill!

Verse 2
If you’ve gone your own way, you’re lost and alone.   You’ve reached a dead end.
He’s calling to you, you’ve heard His voice.  Won’t you listen to Him?
When I found the cross the world quickly lost its tempting allure.
I’m doing without all the worry and doubt.  Now I know for sure…


The Nail Nobody Saw

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

Verse 1
One soldier carried three nails and a hammer liked he’d done so often before.
He stared at the man with the cross that he marched behind.
He looked at the faces of the crowd as they gathered. He heard their taunts and their jeers.
But he’d heard the rumor that this man committed no crime.

Verse 2
At the top of the hillside, just the murmur of weeping as they laid that man on that cross.
They bound him as the soldier drew near with the hammer and nails.
As he drew back the hammer, he chanced to glance over into eyes that were matted with tears,
And he hated the ring of the hammer each time it fell.

And the sound of the hammer, reached Heaven’s throne,
The angels were waiting to carry him home.
With only a word they’d be ten thousand strong.
The world counted three nails, but they counted wrong.
For the nail that nobody saw, was the nail that went through His heart.
That was the nail that held Him to the cross.

The angels were waiting. They were anticipating.
In a moment, they’d be at His side.
But they waited…and they listened…
But he bowed His head and He died…


Mama Was Singing to Jesus

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

Verse 1
In my mind’s eye I return to the scene,
When my mom would stand in the church and she’d sing.
Her body was timid; her voice had grown frail,
But I’m sure in heaven it rang like a bell.
Who she sang to, it was easy to tell…

Mama was singing to Jesus,
Mama sang Jesus a song.
Tears filled her eyes and I wondered,
If the angels were singing along?
The sweet Holy Spirit descended,
How I’d like to go back again,
To when Mama was singing to Jesus,
And everyone else listened in.

Verse 2
Years have gone by since my mother went home,
But not before she’d shown the way to God’s throne.
With a song on her lips, she returned to the Lord.
If she was still singing when she reached the shore
I’m sure Jesus said, “I’ve heard that voice before.”


Jesus Can Lift You Up

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

Verse 1
If you believe God’s word,
Sometimes we must be stirred.
When we grow weary, when we’re mired in doubt,
We need a revival to lift us out.

Jesus can lift you up.
Jesus can lift you up.
When you’re camped in the valley, and you’ve had enough,
Jesus can lift you up.

Verse 2
When everything’s going wrong,
He won’t let you stay down long.
When you’re going under life’s sinking sand,
Reach up and take hod of the nail-scarred hand.

He’ll lift you (Jesus can lift you up)
When you’re in the valley (Jesus can lift you up)
When times are tough (Jesus can lift you up)
When you’re tired and weary (Jesus can lift you up)

I’m gonna hold to the saving hand,
‘Til I stand with the angel band in the Promised Land.
I’m gonna get ready, not gonna wait,
Gonna keep walking straight to the pearly gates.

Here we go…

When a Christian Goes Home

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

Verse 1
Everyone gathered close to the beside,
As the one that they loved slipped away.
And no words of comfort could heal that hurting inside.
Oh, but just beyond our sight, in the presence of God’s light,
Jesus is giving a tour.
And the place they the dreamed of so long, oh, it’s finally real

When a Christian goes home, in the arms of Jesus,
Though it seems so unkind to those left behind,
It’s a beautiful day.
When a Christian goes home, I can almost hear singing,
From around the throne…
When a Christian goes home.

Verse 2
The life of a Christian, is filled with great blessing,
For grace has covered their days.
All heaven is watching to make sure that they make it home.
Your progress is charted. Adjustments are made.
And the heartaches are balanced with joy.
And the valleys we walk through are just valleys on the way home.


Grow Up Baby, Good and Strong

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

Grow up baby good and strong. But not too fast, oh it won’t be long,
‘Til pretty soon you’ll be talking away
Will all the things you’ve learned to say
Like “tickle me” and “look at my new shoes”,
“I love you mom and daddy too…”

Grow up baby good and strong. We’ve got to teach you right and wrong
But there’s plenty of time for that sort of thing.
First let’s learn some songs to sing,
Like “Yankee Doodle went to town…”
“Ashes, ashes, all fall down…”

Grow up baby, brave and free. You’ll be amazed at all you see.
Like jumpin’ into a pile of leaves,
And going to sleep on Christmas Eve,
And that first day of school I’ll try not to cry,
When it’s time to leave and I whisper, “good-bye.”

Grow up baby, wise and smart. Follow your dreams. Follow your heart.
And no matter how far away you roam,
I hope you’ll follow the road back home.
It’s a big, ol’ world for you to explore,
But no one there could love you more.

Grow up baby, good and strong. My how time just moves along.
You turn around and the days are gone…
You turn around and the days are gone…


Before Me, Behind Me, Beside Me

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

Verse 1
I chanced to meet and old friend on the street just the other day.
We reminisced about the past, told stories of yesterday.
Then he said, “I heard you’re a Christian, believing in God somewhere.”
I said, “Yes, I am. But in one way you’re wrong. For wherever I go – He’s there.”

He goes before me…preparing the way.
He stands behind me…listening when I pray.
He walks beside me…and I am restored.
Before me, behind me, beside me is my Lord.

Verse 2
This world will take a Christian, and slowly belittle your faith.
The things you hold dear are rejected. There’s no room for mercy or grace.
But when I feel discouraged. When I feel I’m walking alone.
I sense His hand on my shoulder, and I know He’s guiding me home.


I Don’t Know How You Heard One Voice

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/Centergy Music


I wonder how it looks from Heaven, at the first light of the day.
I’m sure you start to hear their voices, when a nation starts to pray.
I wonder do You hear their worries? Do You hear their hopes and fears?
Have the things that people ask for really changed much through the years?

Verse 2

I was praying in that number, one voice amid the roar,
Of many millions who were praying, like millions gone before.
When somehow you heard a whisper, a desperate call from me to You.
I don’t know why, but You were listening, and Your answer made it through.


Lord I believe you’re there and listening to our hopes and dreams and cares.
And I amazed when I look back and see all those answered prayers.
There must have been a million pleas from folks down on their bended knees,
But You keep coming to my rescue again and again…
I don’t know how You heard one voice, but You did.

Verse 3

With all the turmoil and confusion, with all the desperate cries for help,
I know You’re busy up in Heaven, so I keep thing to myself.
And when my load has grown so heavy, friends may lift my name to You.
And when they pray I soon discover that You’re listening to them too.


Bottled Water

Mark Bishop Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

When you walk into any store,
You’ll pay a buck or even more for water.
Bottled water.

If my grandpa were here today,
He’d think that we were nuts to pay for water.
Bottled water.

It falls for free out of the sky.
The ocean’s full, yet still we buy it by the case at Wal-Mart.
Bottled water.

I’ll never understand but I’d like to meet the man
Who came up with the plan to bottle up and sell us water.
I’m sure his wife said “It’ll never fly.”
He said, I bet it will, and here’s the reason why.
We won’t sell just plain old water.
But mountain, spring, low-sodium, from Colorado and Canadian water.
But where it comes from noone knows.
It could just be a garden hose in Detroit.

I’m sure I’d be a millionaire, if I could bottle up some air
And call it, bottled oxygen, to sell beside their bottled water!