Lyrics: Stories

I Love To Tell The Story

I love to tell the story

Twill be my theme in Glory

To tell the old, old story

Of Jesus and His love.

God Didn’t Come To Save The Angels

Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

Verse 1

An old man passed by a storefront mission,
Where a young man was standing outside.
“I know you’re just passing through, but we’re about to get started.
Would you like to come in for a while?”

He said, “I’d like to son, but you’re asking the wrong man.
It’s been twenty years since I’ve been to church.
I guess I quit going when my family left me,
Cause who needs a drunk out of work?”

Then a church bell rang somewhere in the distance,
And a moment of silence passed by.
Then the young man spoke with the voice of compassion,
Through the tear that had formed in his eyes.


Saying God didn’t come to save the angels.
If He did, there’d be nothing to do.
But He saw a world filled with imperfect people,
And He gave His life for He knew
That He had to save all these imperfect people.
People just like me and you.

Verse 2

To the unwed mother, or the junkie who’s homeless.
To life’s broken and battered and bruised.
From the slums in the cities
To the poor mountain family,
Each soul is worth too much to lose.

And sometimes the church forgets we have a mission,
To reach those who are hurting and lost.
For Jesus loved all the despised and rejected
So much that He died on a cross

Repeat Chorus

I Can’t Even Slow Down

Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

How can a man be homesick for a place he’s never been?

Sometimes I don’t know if I can wait until He says, “Come on in.”

This shell that God has given me will lose it’s strength and wither away.

But I’ve decided I’ll return this soul to Jesus Christ someday


Cause I can’t find a stopping place, seen nowhere I can even slow down.

I’m determined I will run the race, when I think of where I’m bound.

I can’t even slow down.

I pray that my life would be a light that won’t grow dim

Cause I feel a sense of urgency for the one’s that don’t know him.

Jesus has prepared a place for me when life is o’er

But I can’t figure for the life of me what some folks are living for

Chorus 2x

I can’t even slow down

I Know All About Scars

Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

Verse 1

You’ve always been there for everyone else.
You’ve always been brave and strong.
But lately I’ve noticed that your smile has faded,
And I can tell something is wrong.

I’ve heard the prayers of those who love you.
I haven’t forgotten your pain.
So if you’ve been searching for someone to talk to,
I promise that I can relate.


Cause I’ve been broken, I’ve been betrayed.
I’ve been rejected, I’ve felt afraid.
I’ve cried out to God, “I don’t know where you are.”
I know the pain you’re going through.
And I can more than promise you,
I’ll do what it takes to mend your broken heart.
I’ve been right there where you are.
I know all about scars.

Verse 2

Life can be filled with love and laughter.
It’s beauty surrounds us each day.
I used to stand and stare at the sunset.
And I used to watch children play.

But I’ve known the pain of losing a close friend,
I’ve heard angry words from my foes.
And still I remember that cross on a hillside.
So take it from someone who knows.

Repeat Chorus


And everything you’re feeling now, I’ve been feeling too.
And I’m the first one to know, now that I’m a part of you.

Repeat Chorus

Perfectly Honest

There was a lady who lived in our town.
She lived alone above the grocery store.
She used to walk through the parks in the evening.
But I hardly see her out anymore.
I’ve heard them speak of her reputation.
People say “hi” and that’s where it ends.
She comes to church and sits on the back row.
She never seemed to have too many friends.

Just last Sunday, after the preachin’,
The pastor invited the church to pray.
Everyone gathered around the alter.
I knelt down not three feet away.
I hardly began when I was distracted.
I couldn’t even finish my prayer.
I couldn’t help but overhearing,
She was talking to God like he was standing there.

Saying “Let me be perfectly honest.
This world never saw much in me.
I’ve never had great wealth or honor,
Or my name in lights for the world to see.
I’ve always lived a simple life,
A humble beginning, a humble end.
But let me be perfectly honest
All I really want is to call you friend.”

Later I saw here walking one evening.
She didn’t seem so sad anymore.
I said “Hello, I’ve been meaning to tell you,
I heard your prayer in church Sunday morn.
I shouldn’t have listened but I wanted to tell you,
I’m believing in faith, Jesus heard your plea.”
She only smiled and said, “that’s funny.
But what you heard is what He said to me.”

Woke Up This Morning

When my alarm clock rang today a smile appeared across my face

Just like it happened early yesterday.

And I suppose it’s safe to say tomorrow’s gonna be the same

Cause this feeling down deep inside ain’t about to change.


Woke up this morning listening for a trumpet.

Caught a glimpse of Glory when I knelt down to pray.

Got a homesick feeling thinking about a great homecoming

Woke up this morning saying this could be the day.

Now some may criticize the way we dream about a better place

So far away beyond the cloudy blue.

But if they’ll let the Lord above come fill them with his joy and love

Some happy day we’ll hear them singing too.


This could be the day

This could be the day

When the clouds will roll away


Woke up this morning saying this could be the day.

I’m So Glad I Found Jesus

Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

I could have found some fulfillment in the things of this world for a while.

I might have found gold at the end of the rainbow, living my life in grand style

Or I could have found myself searching for peace in a bottle or pill

But I’m glad I looked for life’s answers on a cross at the top of a hill.

I’m so glad I found Jesus when I think of where I could have been.

He knew the troubles awaiting for me just around the bend.

He’s a friend when I’m lonely.

He’s a provider in need.

I’m so glad I found Jesus.

I’m so glad Jesus found me.

So many souls who are searching, they look everywhere to find

The joy and contentment they long for.

In hopes they’ll find some peace of mind.

But I’ve found a cool well of mercy.

It satisfies my thirsty soul.

There’s more than enough to fill every cup.

And for those in need, it overflows.


I’m so glad I found Jesus

I’m so glad Jesus found me.

Forever Springtime

Springtime was her favorite time of year.

She loved to see the pretty flowers bloom.

And everyday she whispered “thank you Lord.”

Cause she could see them from the window in her room.

Now and again her children came to see her.

But not as often as she would have liked.

Her smile was like a golden ray of sunshine.

She was living in the winter of her life

The doctor said the end was drawing nearer.

Her children came to sit close by her side.

They whispered “Momma, is there anything that we can do for you?”

She held their hands and this was her reply.


“Don’t cry for me, I’m going home to see my Savior.

There’s a garden He’s been tending just for me.

Why I can almost smell the sweet perfume of roses on the vine

Dry your eyes. Don’t you cry.

I’m just going where it is forever springtime.

Promise me some day you’ll come and see me.

I’ll be waiting by the crystal sea.

Where the Tree of Life is blooming.

That’s where you will find me.

And we’ll praise our Lord throughout eternity.


Forever springtime.

You’re Already Gonna Live Forever

Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

Verse 1

From the day you were born, you stared on a journey.
Trying to do the right thing, running from the wrong.
I was doing pretty good until I got a little older,
And I never knew what hit me when the devil came along.

I knew there was something missing in my life.
Felt a little tug, but I never would obey.
Then I found me a church and I listened to the preacher.
Made a lot of sense when I heard him say…


You’re already gonna live forever.
Don’t you wanna know somebody over there.
Have you made up your mind where you’re gonna be living?
You’re gonna live forever and you better know where.
You’re gonna live forever and you better know where.

Verse 2

Everywhere I look, I see a lot of people,
Living like tomorrow never will arrive.
Trying everything that comes down the road,
It’s by the grace of God that they’re even still alive.

They don’t wanna know there’s gonna come a day
When we will give account for everything we’ve done.
They don’t think about that resurrection morning.
When they think it’s over, it’s really just begun

Repeat Chorus 3x

Michael’s Getaway

Possum Run Music/Centergy Music

There he goes again. He get’s up at 6am each and every weekday morning.
Michael starts his car and he sets out in the dark
While the rain outside is pouring.
He drives fifteen minutes or so and turns on the radio
And hears some ole fellow preaching.
He starts talking of peace and love; something Michael needs more of
And he starts to do some thinking.

Michael feels the cold of a world without a soul
And wonders why he feels so lonely.
Is there something that he has missed, oh there must be more to life than this.
He’d give all he has if only he could find someone who cares.
He recalls a childhood prayer and wonders if it really mattered.
He finds a place to kneel and pray. He gives the pain and hurt away
And suddenly he finds his answer.


This is the story of the day when Michael gave the world away.
He found a better way to live and someone willing to forgive.
Though no one noticed here on Earth, Heaven celebrates the birth
And the angels won’t forget that day.
When Michael made his getaway.

And the world keeps turning round and round the same way.
From here it looks to be another day.
But Michael knows today that something’s different.
There’s a holy light inside him. And the angels walk beside him.
And God Himself knows every step he takes.
He takes


Michael made his getaway
Michael made his getaway
When you’re broken have you spoken to the Lord
Michael made his getaway.

I Love To Tell The Story (Reprise)

Each life has a story
It has a beginning and it has an end.
And really the good Lord up in Heaven is the only one who knows
What waits for us around the bend
But Lord, I believe that your outstretched hand reaches to each and everyone.
To bless with joy, and love and laughter and a touch of grace before our journey here is done.
And in each life there’s going to be a little rain to fall.
And just a sure as anything, there’ll be some hearts that will need Your mending
But Lord, I believe that it’s Your desire that each life and every story will have a happy ending.

I love to tell the story.
Twill be my theme in Glory.
To tell the old, old story.
Of Jesus and His love.