Digital & Streaming Music

Now you can take your music with you anywhere you want to go. Listen to the music of your choice on your smart phone. Your new car’s stereo is already set up so that you can enjoy the many streaming options. At home, just say, “Alexa… play Mark Bishop” and let the music begin!

There are so many options (with more being added all the time) that it can be confusing. Here are just a few that you can check out. Some of these are available to listen to for free; while some require a subscription. As a general rule, the “free” options will include commercial breaks in your music blocks to help pay for the service. While a paid subscription to the service of your choice will eliminate the advertisements and open up more and better options for listening.

Some folks ask, “why are you showing us where we can go listen to your music for free? Wouldn’t you rather we buy a CD from you? Well, the answer is “YES” but each year, less and less people are buying physical media and are learning how to listen on their devices. There is a royalty payed to the artist and the writer with each listen you give to one of my songs on one of these streaming platforms. So, you are still supporting this music each time you listen. It’s also a HUGE blessing when you chose to “follow” Mark Bishop and “Like” any of the songs that play on one of these services. That helps us to bring the music to an even larger audience.

XM/Sirius Radio

When it comes to satellite radio, this is pretty much the only game in town. Listen in your car, at home, on the app, or wherever you’d like. Channel 65 Enlighten is a great place to enjoy Southern Gospel Music and to hear Mark Bishop within the playlist. You can learn more about the service here: Listen on Sirius XM


One of the premier streaming platforms with a lot of customizable options to fit your mood. Start listening to Mark Bishop right here, right now: Listen on Spotify


Another premier streaming platform; the favorite of many music lovers. Start listening to Mark Bishop here: Listen on Pandora

Apple Music

Listen to Mark Bishop here:  Listen on Apple Music

iTunes Store

Purchase individual songs or entire albums and listen anywhere.n Listen on iTunes


Another great streaming service that plays Mark’s music. You can check it out here: Listen on Tidal


Yet another platform that streams Mark’s music. Listen on SoundCloud

There are plenty of other streaming and music download options too… just about anyplace that has music will have some of Mark’s music. You might want to check out Napster, Deezer, Google Play, Beatport, Amazon… just to name a few.

Remember to “Like” or “Follow” Mark Bishop on whichever streaming platform you enjoy the best and ‘Share” the music with other friends who you know are listening too. It really does help us to grow this music and reach other folks who might not otherwise hear this music and the Gospel messages within them.

Now… go enjoy some music!