63rd Annual GRAMMY® Award Nominee for Best Roots Gospel Album

From the Producer

“I’m so excited to see the music of Mark Bishop being recognized by this GRAMMY® nomination. I’ve had the pleasure of producing each of Mark’s solo recordings for 20+ years. It’s a well-deserved honor for Mark and for his creativity as a heartfelt singer and storytelling songwriter.”
– Jeff Collins, Producer

From Mark Bishop

“I’m extremely happy for everyone that worked on Beautiful Day. We had an idea that the optimistic songs would resonate with people, especially in the kind of year we are having. It’s a blessing when you get to hear back that those messages have had an impact.”


Joseph Habedank: Award winning singer songwriter

“I’ve been a fan of Mark Bishop for more than 20 years, but I started paying special attention to his work when I became a soloist myself about seven years ago. After studying his work, I quickly learned that not only is Mark a true singer/songwriter, but he is a unique storyteller. It has been a joy to follow Mark’s career and watch how his music has progressed over the past few years – I truly admire his artistry and craftsmanship. His latest recording, ‘Beautiful Day,’ is in my opinion his greatest work to date and Mark is more than deserving of his recent GRAMMY® nomination for this album! Congratulations to Mark, Jeff Collins, Chris White, Greg Bentley and everyone on the Crossroads team.”

Michael Booth (Booth Brothers)

“Beautiful Day is Mark Bishop at his best. Captivating lyrics, beautiful melodies and that one and only vocal we all immediately recognize. This may be my favorite Mark Bishop album. However, I have said that about all of them.”

Susan Whisnant (Radio promoter and member of The Whisnants)

“It’s so exciting to see Mark Bishop’s Beautiful Day receive the recognition that it has. His years of writing amazing lyrics and presenting wonderful vocals have paid off in a great way with this GRAMMY® nomination.”

Mark Trammel (GMA & SGMA Hall of Fame member and owner, vocalist of Mark Trammel Quartet)

“God continues to bless people across the globe with Mark’s gift for writing Gospel songs. It has been a well-placed gift and he has been a worthy vessel. The Beautiful Day album, just like all the others, is confirmation that my friend continues to delivers award-worthy work, all to the glory of God.”

Karen Peck (GMA Hall of Fame member, SGMA Board member, owner, vocalist of Karen Peck & New River)

“Congratulations Mark Bishop for the GRAMMY® nomination! It is such a blessing when the Lord gives special favor to good people. Mark is so deserving of this incredible honor. His unique original vocal style and powerful song writing abilities set him apart. Mark stands out in the crowd. He is an amazing communicator. His humor and wit captures the audience’s attention immediately from the time he steps on stage. Mark sings the good news of Jesus Christ so eloquently in his GRAMMY® nominated album Beautiful Day!”

Phil Cross: Award wining songwriter, owner and vocalist of Poet Voices

“For many years I have enjoyed the authentic artistry of my friend Mark Bishop. His Beautiful Day collection is just another stellar delivery of Mark’s unique, passionate quest to encourage, educate, and inspire us all to know and trust our loving God. Mark continues to stand out and show up as himself. It’s refreshing to know him as he reveals his greatest love and lifelong faith through song.”

Arthur Rice: Award winning vocalist with The Kingdom Heirs and SGMA President

“I’ve always loved Mark’s writing, and his album Beautiful Day is a perfectly-timed message of encouragement when we needed it the most. It’s for everyone.”

Jeff Easter (Vocalist, musician with Jeff & Sheri Easter)

“If you want to be encouraged, take a listen to Mark Bishop’s Beautiful Day. It makes me smile. I love his unique vocals and his writing. I love that he’s down-to-earth. He’s the real deal.”

Gary Casto (SGMA board member and owner / vocalist of Tribute Quartet)

“Gospel Music is primarily known for its message; seldom is it cited for its “art”. Mark Bishop is a consummate communicator and craftsman. Beautiful Day is a prime example. It comes as no surprise that this recording has garnered a GRAMMY® nomination.”

Rodney Griffin (Award winning songwriter and vocalist of Greater Vision)

“When I hear the music begin on a Mark Bishop song, I know that I am getting ready to not only hear something very special, but I’m going to ‘see’ it too. He has a unique way of painting lyrics that walk and talk within a song. Anyone would love this album. Be ready to listen, and while you are at it, just put your glasses on too!”

Tim Lovelace (Songwriter and Christian comedian)

“Mark Bishop is more than just an accomplished artist and songwriter. He is a prolific ambassador of storytelling in song. His story songs have the strength of a tightly woven three-strand cord. He weaves one strand with captivating lyrics and another strand with the melodies, and the final strand is where the magic happens: he’s able to connect his heartbeat with the heartbeat of the listener. Congratulations to my talented friend Mark Bishop for his GRAMMY® nomination on Beautiful Day.”