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“You just need Mark Bishop’s music in your life.”

Linda, Amazon Reviewer

There are so many ways to listen to music these days. The choices can be overwhelming! Years ago, the only choices were listening on the radio, television, or on your record player. Soon came along eight track tapes, cassettes, and compact discs. The way we we listen to music is constantly changing.

In this new digital age, we can add many new choices to how we are able to listen to music. Mark Bishop’s music is played in various formats around the nation and around the world. Which way is the best for you to listen? Well… all of them!

We now have the ability to listen to music anywhere and everywhere, at anytime. Gospel Music AM and FM radio stations are still favorite ways to listen because no one else can keep it local like your local station, for weather, sports, news, and music!

Satellite radio like XM/Sirius can offer you commercial-free music from anywhere in the world. XM/Sirius plays Mark’s music on Enlighten channel 65.

There are many streaming services offered online and this form of listening is growing by leaps and bounds every year. Not only can you listen on your computer, but also on mobile technology like phones and tablets. New cars no longer come with built-in CD players, but with built-in access to streaming services and satellite radio. Some of the most popular streaming services are Pandora and Spotify, and many new cars have built-in pre-sets for these options.

Yet another option is to download Mark’s music from a site that you may already be shopping on, like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play or others. Once the music is on your mobile device, you can listen to it anywhere and anytime you want.

The way we listen to music is always changing, but the constant uplifting message of Marks’ music hasn’t changed for all these years. Click on one of the following links to see how and where you can find Mark Bishop’s music!

AM and FM Radio Stations by State

Listen to Digital and Streaming Music