Hunting His Way


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This DVD is full of hunting, music, and testimonies you will watch over and over again. “Hunting ‘HIS’ Way” Gospel Artist Series will increase your passion for hunting and for the Lord!

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Ashley Ellison, co-founder of Chosen Few, and Kirk Dooms, the host of Fox Sports’ “Show Me Outdoor Adventures” have teamed up to present a hunting DVD that show Gospel Music fans a side of the artists they have never seen before.

Tim Surrett of the Kingsmen takes down his first big whitetail with a bow in Ohio, while Wade Spencer bags a turkey just around the corner from Tim. That evening, Tim and Wade get together for some pickin’ and grinnin.’

Ashley Ellison and Archie Watkins of the Inspirations get out in the Smokies and tree a BIG bear with their dogs. Later, Ashley,along with Mark Bishop, Jonathan Martin, and John Buckman spend a day bird hunting in Illinois. You’ll love the fun spend with all of these guys out in the field, not to mention them sitting around the lodge singing.