Mark Bishop: Seasons – A Collection of the Best


A collection of Mark’s most requested songs on one CD, plus two brand new songs!

1. That’s When It’s Time To Pray
2. I Can Rejoice
3. You Can’t Ask Too Much Of My God
4. Can I Pray For You
5. I’m Listening For The Call
6. With Me Always (with Lauren Talley)
7. Remember Who He Is, Remember What He Does
8. I Got Here As Fast As I Could
9. Cloud Nine, Headed For Ten
10. The Other Room
11. Perfectly Honest (with The Bishops)
12. My Name Is Jesus (with Lauren Talley, Ivan Parker, Mitchel Jon)

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Mark Bishop: Seasons features for the first time, all of Mark’s most requested songs collected on one album, along with two brand new songs. We believe these two songs will quickly become favorites with a lot of people as well. That’s When It’s Time To Pray is a very timely song that gets in your head and your feet. The Other Room is a stirring ballad that will encourage everyone who has had to say goodbye to a loved one. In Jesus Christ, we have hope of being reunited in the other room!