Songs That Reach The World: Mark Bishop & The Bishops


THE BEST OF MARK BISHOP & THE BISHOPS collects twenty classic Bishop’s songs on one CD. Many of these songs are from albums that are now long out of print.


  1. You Can’t Ask Too Much Of My God
  2. When Jesus Is All That I Have
  3. Reach The World
  4. What I Have
  5. He’s In The Midst
  6. Blind Bartimaeus
  7. Let’s Celebrate Jesus
  8. He Said It All
  9. Rose Among The Thorns
  10. Howard Gray
  11. Come Unto Me
  12. Saw A Lot of Happy People
  13. But Then I Saw Him On The Cross
  14. That Sounds Like Someone I’d Like To Know
  15. For Every Cross There Is A Crown
  16. The Angels Know My Name
  17. Somebody In Heaven
  18. With The Spirit Of The Lord Inside
  19. I Talk To Him In Prayer
  20. I Can See Forever From Here