Songs That Reach The World – Vol 1




  1. Reach The World
  2. You Can’t Ask Too Much Of My God
  3. When Jesus Is All That I Have
  4. Let’s Celebrate Jesus
  5. For Every Cross There Is A Crown
  6. That Sounds Like Someone I’d Like To Know
  7. What I Have
  8. Great Things
  9. When You Change Your Mind
  10. Shhh, I Will Be Right Here
  11. Perfectly Honest
  12. The Son Of A Carpenter
  13. I Got Here As Fast As I Could
  14. Bring Lazarus Back
  15. The Nail That Nobody Saw
  16. October Harvest
  17. There Is Love
  18. Can I Pray For You
  19. Jesus Can Lift You Up
  20. Cloud Nine Headed For Ten
  21. He Did
  22. I Know Where I Stand
  23. Before Me, Behind Me, Beside Me
  24. Let Me Tell You What He Did For Me
  25. Jesus Listens