Songs That Reach The World – Vol 2




1.An Old Stone the Lord Rolled Away
2.He Never Sleeps
3.Go Ahead and Cry
4.God Builds Churches
5.I Can Rejoice
6.I Remember A Christmas Long Ago
7.I Still Need Him
8.I’m Gonna Make it if I Can
9.I’m Listening for the Call
10.It Wouldn’t Bother Me To Be The Last
11.Just Pay Attention
12.Let Jesus Know All About It
13.Mean, Mean People
14.My Name Is Jesus
15.One Drop of Blood Became A River
16.Put Wings Upon Your Problems
17.Remember Who He Is
18.Take Me Back to That Place
19.With Me Always
20.Your Easter Sunday Is On It’s Way

*Bonus Song

My Name Is Jesus (an arrangement for choir)