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This year will be my 40th year of writing and recording Christian music. In four decades of traveling, I have performed literally thousands of concerts across our country and have seen many people give their hearts to Christ. Whether it's in a small country church or a large arena, the message has always been the same for us: "Jesus Christ gave his life on Calvary's cross for a purpose. That purpose was to provide grace for the sins of every man and woman."

If you have been searching for meaning in life, Jesus said in the Bible, "Come unto me when you are weary and I will give you rest." 

Everyone gets weary. Everyone is going through something. It doesn't matter who you are, everybody has days where it seems like they are just barely holding on. But can I tell you that Jesus cares? There is an answer to the emptiness you feel.

"I don't know how to give hope...hope to the hopeless.
I don't know how to drive away the rain.
I don't know about tomorrow, but I know who holds the future.
I know someone who knows about the pain.
I don't know how to comfort someone who is hurting;
Someone who has lost someone they love.
I don't know how to put a broken heart back together.
What I don't know how to do, Jesus does." 

Music Reviews

Mark Bishop's music gives us the glasses to see the bigness of God in everyday happenstance.” - Music Reviewer
This is as good as Gospel Music gets.” - Amazon Review, Wayneln, TN
You just need Mark Bishop's music in your life.” - Linda, an Amazon Reviewer
His lyrics are a work of art. And the music is just as good.” - lynnschronicles.com

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  • Home


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Eleven brand new songs written and performed by Mark with guest vocals by Amber Eppinette, Freddie Ratliff, and Karen Peck-Gooch.

I Found Something Better, A Lovely Tapestry, But There is a Cross, If We Can't Be Happy Here, What I Don't Know How to Do Jesus Does, Home, Come Unto Me all Ye Who Are Weary, I Met Somebody on the Way to the Cemetery, Waiting For You, I am Unshackled/Thank God I Am Free, Ten Thousand Witnesses.

Available in CD and Flash-drive formats

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Some Distant Mountain
  • Some Distant Mountain


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  1. Like a Songbird That Has Fallen
  2. Across the River
  3. Prophet Admiration
  4. All My Tears Be Washed Away
  5. Hardly the Load
  6. Were You There
  7. Shall We Gather at the River
  8. One Wide River to Cross
  9. The Most Ordinary Days
  10. Gospel Plow
  11. Early My God Without Delay

Available in CD and Flash-drive formats

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Beautiful Day
  • Beautiful Day


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GRAMMY NOMINEE Here’s what reviewer Lynn Mills of The Singing News had to say about this newest collection of Mark Bishop songs… “In the midst of all the negative goings-on in our world, Mark Bishop has brought some bright and positive lyrics to us in his new project Beautiful Day. Every album Mark releases has thought-provoking lyrics, but Beautiful Day could be his best yet for the truth wrapped up in each lyric.” - Hallel’s.com

It's a Beautiful Day God Needs Ministers Are You Ready for Perfect Love? It's All Good I'll Just Keep Rowing You Can't Say He Didn't Love Us I'm Just Changing Mountains Home Grown Tomatoes The Man On the Other Cross Lost, Lost, Lost

Available in CD and USB Flash Drive formats

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Best of the Bishops
  • Best of the Bishops


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Includes the never before released song: “Over In The Gloryland”

Songs Include: He’s In the Midst, You Can’t Ask Too Much of My God, I’ll Live Again, Reach The World, Rose Among The Thorns, What I Have, Howard Gray, Lazarus Come Forth, When Jesus Is All That I Have, I Need You More Today, Blind Bartimaeus, and Over In The Gloryland.

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Latest Single

Request "What I Don't Know How To Do, Jesus Does" on your favorite Gospel Music station.

You can be a blessing to our ministry by calling your favorite Gospel Music radio station and requesting, "What I Don't Know How To Do, Jesus Does," the second release from the new album, "Home."

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