There Is Love (2005)

The stellar follow-up recording to Can I Pray For You continued to showcase Mark's talents as a songwriter and vocalist. Bring Lazarus Back offers a thought provoking look at Lazarus being raised from dead while Jesus Listens is 'as smooth as a gravy sandwich' musically, with a message that is just as easily digested.


Bring Lazarus Back
Mark Bishop Possum Run Music / BMI Centergy Music / BMI

Mary and Martha sent word to the Lord.
“Our brother is dying,” they said.
And in a few days when Jesus arrived,
Mary and Martha said, “Lazarus is dead.”

When Jesus had heard, He tarried two days,
Then four days, before He arrived.
“Oh Lord, if only you’d been here before,
We know our brother would still be alive.”

The Savior was burdened for their broken hearts.
The Bible says Jesus then,”wept.”
“I’ll show you Gods power if you’ll lead the way.”
They rolled back the stone from where Lazarus slept.

The people who gathered were surely amazed…
For standing there in his grave’s clothes,
They might forget the day Lazarus died,
But they won’t forget the day Lazarus rose.

“Brothers and sisters please listen to me.
There’s more to life than what these eyes can see.
Our brother we love has a heavenly home,
There’s nothing he needs now or lacks.
I didn’t cry because Lazarus died.
I cried when I had to bring Lazarus back.”

One day like Lazarus, we too shall die,
Our friends and our loved ones will grieve.
Someday when we reach our heavenly home,
We’ll know exactly what Lazarus had to leave.


I Saw God in a Vision
Mark Bishop Possum Run Music / BMI Centergy Music / BMI

Well he walked into the room,
Pulled a chair and settled in.
Took a long drink of water,
Shook his head and scratched his bearded chin…

“For the special of the day,
We have the freshest fish around.”
He told her, “That’s okay,
I’m not sure I could keep it down right now.”

She said “Pardon me for asking.
Have you been in here before?”
He said “Darlin’ I don’t think so.
Just a while ago, I landed on your shore”
(And I’m feelin’ a little poor…)

“All my life I’ve been a preacher,
guess that’s why I’m here today.
I’ve been sent here on a mission,
Though I don’t think you’ll believe a word I say.”
(But listen anyway…)

I saw God in a vision,
Told me to go and I didn’t listen.
Well what happened next is a little hazy.
I smell like sea-weed it might sound crazy.
But no matter where the wind is blowin’
No matter where the boat is rowin’
When God gives you directions,
That’s where you’re goin’

“My back is sore; these clothes are damp
And this room is spinning round.
I’ve been praying for three days,
For the Lord to put me on dry ground.”

“Well you’ve heard about ol’ Moses
and the miracles he saw.
About Noah and the ark,
And how little David made the giant fall,”
(But this beats ’em all…)
If you hear God whisper in your ear.
Tells you where to go but you don’t bother.
It’s ok if you decide to stay,
But I wouldn’t go near the water…


There Is Love (Then There Is His Love)
Mark Bishop Possum Run Music / BMI Centergy Music / BMI

On a rocky hill at Calvary, three crosses tell the story.
So sad the sight that many turned away.
Someone whispered “His name is Jesus; that’s His mother Mary.
She was watching as they beat her son today.”

“And that cross, somehow He carried it up the Via Delarosa.
Where He found the strength, heaven only knows.
I’m sure I heard Him whisper ‘Please, forgive them.’ as the soldiers,
Speared His side, even while the blood still flowed.”

“Oh the power of the timber, the three nails and the hammer,
Unyielding to His flesh, and blood, and bone.
Though determined in His spirit, His body frail and fading,
Surrounded, He was never more alone.”

“With the end of life so bitter, where did He find compassion?
For, I could still see love within His eyes.
I thought I knew the meaning of mercy and forgiveness.
But after all I’ve seen today, I realize…”

“There is love, and then there is His love.
His love that reaches depths before unknown.
There is grace but, not like His grace.
His grace can bring the vilest sinner home.
I’ve known mercy and forgiveness,
But none like what today I’m witness of.
I thought I’d seen most everything,
Cruel death upon a cross could bring.
But then there was His love.”

Greater than the thorns upon His head.
Greater than the crowd that chose a murderer instead.
Greater than betrayal from a friend.
Greater than the nails they drove into His feet and hands.
Greater than the curses that He heard.
Greater than ten thousand angels waiting for His word.
His love was Greater than Golgotha, or the spear that pierced His side.
Love that overpowered hell and saved all of mankind…

There is love and then there is His love…
There is love, and then there is His love…
His love… (wonderful love)
His love… (marvelous love)
His love…


Don’t Let This World Get You Down
 Mark Bishop Possum Run Music / BMI Centergy Music / BMI

Everybody has rainy days.
Your heart gets lost in the gloomy haze.
A little bit of sunshine would go a long, long way,
In chasing storm clouds from your skies.
Oh, you’ve just got to open your eyes.

Don’t let this world get you down.
Don’t let it turn you around.
Keep your eyes on the road and lighten your load.
You’ve got such a long way to go.

Here comes the sun. The night is done.
A new day is begun.
Let the sunshine in, like a long lost friend.
A glorious day is around the bend.
Oh, yes it is…

Sometimes things don’t go your way.
But, it’s gonna be okay.
Jesus listens when you pray to every word you say.
Just look for the rainbow at the end of a rainy day.

We’ll each have some hard times to come.
Don’t let them make you numb.
Keep your hand on the plow. Don’t you dare turn back now.
Faith is knowing but not knowing how,
It’s gonna all work out.

I thank the Lord for my wife and kids.
For the tears I shed over things He did.
For His mercy and grace, and the sun on my face,
For my family and my friends. Oh, I don’t ever want it to end.

Don’t let this world get you down. Don’t let it turn you around.
Keep your eyes on the road and lighten your load.
You’ve got such a long way to go.
Still, a long way to go.


I’m Gonna Make It If I Can
Mark Bishop Possum Run Music / BMI Centergy Music / BMI

There’s a story in the Bible ’bout a man named Job.
Trouble come to visit him a long time ago.
Everybody said, “You must be doin’ something wrong.”
Job said, “No, I’m a still holdin’ on.”

I’m gonna make it if I can, if I can.
Gonna make it to the promised land if I can.
Though the devil rages, I’m a gonna make a stand
’cause I’m a gonna make it if I can.

Moses and the Israelites, trying to break free,
Cornered on the banks of the big Red Sea.
“Thank you very much for a mighty, fine mess.”
Moses hollered back “I’m not a givin’ up yet!”

When everything you do seems to fall apart,
Here’s a little song you can take it to your heart.
Take it to the bank, it’ll be ok.
It worked back then, it’ll still work today.


Jesus Is Good For Your Heart
Mark Bishop Possum Run Music / BMI Centergy Music / BMI

It wasn’t long ago,
I looked through the window from out in the cold.
And nobody seemed to care,
How life’s circumstances had taken me there…alone.

Disillusioned, broken heart.
Unable to keep it from falling apart,
Longing for that warmth inside.
Jesus came to the door and He opened it wide to…

Love unconditional, grace overwhelming,
Infinite mercy and faith so compelling,
So strong a foundation that nothing could tear it apart.
Life everlasting, joy and laughter,
A mansion that waits in the great hereafter,
Glorious songs that the angels in heaven impart.
And that’s only the start,
Jesus is good for your heart.

Everyone needs a friend,
Someone to rely on again and again.
Nobody has the strength,
To take their life to the end of its length alone.

When circumstances bring you down,
The world can’t provide what needs to be found.
And in your searching for the truth,
It was there all the time; it was there all around you…

You Can’t Ask Too Much of My God
Mark Bishop Possum Run Music / BMI Centergy Music / BMI

When David gathered a handful of stones,
And where the soldiers had fallen, he waited alone.
With a prayer and a little rock, the giant fell right on the spot.
That’s what David prayed for, that’s what David got.
You can’t ask too much of my God.
You can’t ask too much of my God.

There was a woman drawing water from a well.
So many regrets, so often she’d failed.
Jesus knew where she had been; still He forgave her of her sin.
In her life began to flow, living water for the soul.
You can’t ask too much of my God.
You can’t ask too much of my God.

When you’re broken
And you cannot find the peace of mind that seems to leave you behind
Have you spoken to the God of Abraham, the Great I Am?
He’s greater than any problem you’ve got.
And you can’t ask too much of my God.
No you can’t ask too much of my God.

Upon the three Hebrew children God smiled.
And when Sarah was ninety, God gave her a child.
Now I believe that just as then, He’s here to move like that again.
He has a miracle to do; He only needs to hear from you.
And you can’t ask too much of my God.
No you can’t ask too much of my God.


Jesus Listens
Mark Bishop Possum Run Music / BMI Centergy Music / BMI

Jesus Listens.
He is listening right now.

Verse 1
Like the woman drawing water from the well.
All she needed was someone she could tell.
And He heard every word, but that was just the start.
Jesus heard the whispers in her heart.


Jesus listens when no-one seems to care,
When your troubles are more than you can bear.
Every year He’s still the same.
Generations call His name.
Still He listens, He is listening right now.

Verse 2
I was calling but no-one heard my pleas.
‘til I cried out to Jesus on my knees.
Every tear and every fear, every sin was washed away.
All because He listened when I prayed.

Where I Knelt Down
Mark Bishop Possum Run Music / BMI Centergy Music / BMI

There are mansions, great cathedrals,
There are palaces and kingdoms of renown.
There are places where we marvel,
At the monuments of men that can be found.
Oh, but over on the other side of town…

See that old wooden altar in that little country church,
And the place where the carpet is worn down.
Though it doesn’t seem important in the eyes of this ol’ world,
Jesus died for that little piece of ground.
That’s where I knelt down.

Just a simple wooden altar,
Where the congregations bring their hopes and fears.
Friends and family talk to heaven,
And reveal their hearts to Jesus with their tears,
And I’m sure that He’s been listening for years…


On That Great Day
Mark Bishop Possum Run Music / BMI Centergy Music / BMI

I walked a pathway in a dream of heaven.
A vision so real I will never forget.
There by a river, I met my loved ones.
Sweet were their faces, so long since we’d met.

I see the white robes. I see the angels.
Over the hillside, a city appears.
In the embrace of the wings of the angels,
I’m lifted high above all of my fears.

Standing before me, the gates of that city,
Walls of pure jasper, streets shine like gold.
I turn and I see stretching before me,
Wide open spaces, for miles it unfolds.

At the top of a stairway, there stands a great throne.
Surveying that country that lies out ahead.
“Angels…please tell me…where am I standing?”
I cried when I heard the words that he said…

“This is where the saints will gather on that great day.
Untold millions will sing praises on that great day.
Where the saved of every nation,
From the dawn of all creation,
Will bring forth each generation,
To begin the celebration.
For you’re standing in the place,
Where at last they’ll see His face.
This is where the saints will gather on that great day.”

Each name has been recorded.
Each mansion stands complete.
And Gabriel stands ready,
To call home the redeemed…