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That day in the garden ... cast out by their sin.
Jesus saw no bridge ... no way home again.
He said to the Father, "Can We save the lost?"
God said, "there's a way Son ... but there is a cross."

He came in a manger ... worked hard all His life.
He saw all their anguish. He wept through their strife.
He carried their burdens. They lived in His thoughts.
God said, "I know you love them. But there is a cross."

He told His disciples, "we'll teach far and wide."
"We'll show them God's love ... and that will change them inside."
They said, "Oh but Master ... will there be a cost?"
He said, "I'll save the weary ... but there is a cross."

The years that I've lived with ... my sin and pride.
Then I found the old cross ... where He bled and died.
Satan said "you're hopeless ... and you will die lost."
He'd surely be right. .. oh but there is a cross.